Troubleshoot “Error 1336” with McAfee Endpoint Security

How to troubleshoot Error 1336 with McAfee Endpoint Security?

McAfee Endpoint Security is the most popular antivirus assurance across many McAfee clients for its incorporation, computerization, and unwavering quality. The establishment of the McAfee endpoint security barrier lifecycle is laid upon quality answers for rising digital intrusions and online cheats. Amazing highlights, exact coding, examining, and danger discovery components have been provided reason to feel ambiguous about its establishment, which gives multi-layered insurance from all sorts of dangers rising in the digital universe.

McAfee endpoint security is committed to bridging the intensity of AI to distinguish most immune dangers, infections, and malware continuously with cutting-edge highlights, making them simple to recognize and expel so efficiency isn’t undermined. Be that as it may, notwithstanding such huge numbers of guarantees made by perceived players in the domain of digital security to convey consistency in security arrangements, most antivirus items they produce are inclined to specialized glitches.

Windows Error 1336 Troubleshoot.

McAfee Endpoint security shows a mistake generally known by the code “error 1336,” making a brief record required to finish the establishment or overhaul of Endpoint Security 10.5.2 effectively.


  • McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) 10.5.2.
  • McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise (VSE) 8.8x.

How does the Error 1336 look on your windows screen.

At the point when you attempt to introduce or refresh your McAfee Endpoint Security to the degree of ENS 10.5.2, it interferes with your establishment procedure by showing an MSI Pop-up blunder. The procedure will finish. However, you will only from time to time get the spring up with the accompanying mistake on your screen: Error 1336. There was a blunder making an impermanent document that is expected to finish this establishment. Organizer: C:\Program Files\McAfee\Endpoint Security\Threat Prevention. Framework mistake code: 5.

The error may show up because of the following reasons:

  1. You introduced ENS 10.5.2.
  2. A past establishment of ENS 10.5.1 over VSE and moved up to ENS 10.5.2.

The starting point of Error

A document is missing from the IPS catalog, demonstrating that C:\Program Files[(x86)]\McAfee\Endpoint Security\Threat Prevention\IPS\HipHandlers64.dll is inaccessible. MSI fix attempts to determine the establishment mistake yet stays fruitless because of the absence of consent.


The issue is, as of now, settled in the previous adaptation of ENS 10.5.3, which is open and downloadable through

If you don’t mind, Note: You have to guarantee to have an authentic Grant Number. Forget to. Updates are developing with each new McAfee item, so you’re prescribed to download and introduce just the most recent ones.

Extra approaches to determine the mistake

Here is a portion of the conceivable workarounds that you can execute to dispose of the issue:

  • Have a go at debilitating ENS Self-insurance include. From the ENS Console, explore “Settings” > Common > debilitate self-security.
  • Go for the “update now” choice in the ENS reassure and click on it. It may take a couple of moments, so hold up till the update procedure is finished.
  • Initiate ENS Self-assurance.